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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  February 10, 2020 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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♪ >>health emergency now extended in the bay area this after 2 cases of the wuhan corona virus are confirmed in santa clara county. how the expansion affects you and why health officials say it does not mean there's a gher risk of the virus spreading. thanks for joining us tonight at 5 o'clock verybody i'm grant lotus vicki liviakis santa clara county is extending a local health emergey. >>due to the corona virus was first declared on february 3rd when there were nearly 18,000 confirmed cases globally. well now those umbers have more than doubled in the board of
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supervisors is extending the emergency declaration kron four's dan kerman is live at the santa clara county administration building in san jose with the latest and what do we know tonight. >>well we know by extending this for another 30 days it opens up additional resources to the county should things get worse as you indicated, right now just 2 cases in santa clara county. but they want to be ready to put all resources in place should something continue and this virus continue to expand here in santa clara county. >>by a unanimous vote santa clara county supervisors have extended a local health emergency due to the corona virus. county health officer doctor sara cody first made the seven-day declaration a week ago when ere were 17,500 confirmed cases worldwide and to locally. now that global number has jumped over 40,000 and it continues to grow in a report to the board cody says in part the virus is considered a serious
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public health threat because much is unknown. but she goes on to say the declaration and proclamation did not signify any particular increase in risk to the residents of santa clara county. but they do unle to county to more effectively respond to the outbreak c can utilize mutual aid potentially obtain reimbursement and ensure th the county's public health professionals have all necessary tools at their disposal to keep the community safe. >>and some of those fiscal impacts could be additional reimbursements both from the state and the federal government should things get out of hand here now we can also tell you that again that this public health emergency tended now for an additional 30 days of things get worse, it's likely cod be extended even further than that that's the latesteporting live in san jose dan kerman kron 4 news side and here's wht we know about the 2 cases in the south bay, the first is a man
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who recently traveled to wuhan and arrived back home through san jose's airport on january 24th. >>he's a resident of santa clara county. second case is not related to the fit this is a woman who recently traveled to wuhan china and arrived in the us on january 23th to visit family. she's not a resident of the county. both patients have been isolated in both people haven't got outside expect except to seek medical attention tonight, a group f american evacuees from trying to remain under quarantine at traffic travis air force base in fairfield. >>the cdc says 5 of those evacuees are showing symptoms of corona virus. doctor henry walke with the cdc says that his team is handling the situation aggressively. and tonight, the corona virus death toll continues to increase. now standing at more than 1000 people e c 1013. and the total confirmed cases in california remains at 6 even though nearly 43,000 people
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worldwide havegotten it in this interactive map here can help you track the virus outbreak in real time across the globe, if you'd like to check it out we posted a link on kron 4 dot com. meanwhile you can say we've got for as our coverage continues we post latest updates and info on how to protect yourself. we also have the latest on our website kron 4 dot com just look for the corona virus tab under news. another big story we're following for you tonight to francisco public works director mohammed nuru has submitted his resignation mayor london breed announcing the resignation today. >>she says that nora was placed on leave the moment, he was arrested and an acting director was appointed, freed support the investigation and the department will move forward under new learship nuru was arrested and charged with public corruption. along with the owner of lefty o'toole's nick bovis. >>yesterday we saw some incredibly strong winds knocking down trees and limbs taking out wer lines. some trees landed on cars and homes
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and the bay looks more like an ocean at times san francisco's embarcadero got all wet from the spray. that forces the shows us an east bay neighborhood where the wind in a couple trees cae major power outages. >>overhead you could see major damage to this pg and e high-voltage equipmentwn below the damage continues with these 2 pg e power lines on the ground here on hey or avenue in forest in castro valley 2 lar trs here in castro valley did come down yesterday afternoon due to the high wins this my could run to right there one of the massive eucalyptus trees came down on the roof of jeff calls so he says he's just thankful. no one inside was injured, you know fortunately the kids weren't with the that nigh. but yeah 's going to very bad so we have several spans of wire down pg and e spokesperson tomarse okc and talks about the service disruption in this area as a
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result of this weather related incident at the peak more than 6,300 customers were affected right here in this neighborhood due to this particular incident whether event like the one we saw this is the kind the aftermath that we're seeing we see a lot of branches in lines these large trees will sometimes come down. she says in order for power to be fully restored the lines are being grounded of the trees are going to have to be removed and then we're going to beworking to make repairs and restrained the >>alameda county public works is handling the removal of the 2 trees whilepg e cws work on repairing the downed power lines pgd officials estimate the repair work will take up the better part of the day in castro valley has a lead you kron 4 news. >>and tonight. pg e says a few of its customs, they're still out of power after that big wind event a total of 2,900 and 26 customers are still in the dark that as of 05:00pm we're gointo let you know if and when that number lawrence karnow joins us now
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lawrence, i guess the best ne to come of yesterday is that it had rained within the past month or so so the fire danger wasn't extreme. yeah that's true of this one of calm all before we had any rain at all of course we would have had a red flag warnings all across the bay area but the wind. >>it was enough to cause all kinds of problems look at these gusts. these are amazing 87 mile an hour gust that was the top gust of the bay area mount saint helene in the north bay now i'm in i'm in the santcruz mountains 80 miles there oakland hills where a lot of folks live 62 mile an hour gusts reported there about am 49 miles per hour oakland. >>at 54 miles per hour right there at the oakland airport and half moon bay 48 mile an hour gusts and so was gusty across most of the bay area high pressure off the coastline that low all the way down and the ball on the difference between those systems really causing those gusty winds. those winds will begin to subside but we've got
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other night to go here at least in parts of the bay area you see in the north bay expecting some strong gusty winds again even down in the snow may be some 30 mile an hour gut. but you look at some of the colors here over the mountain tops we're talking 4050 mile an hour gusts. a possility overnight tonight and into tomorrow tomorrow afternoon, those by pressure gradients will start to subside and those winds will be in the calm down by tomorrow afternoon guys back to you our lord says you know you can track the weather in your neighborhood anytime with the kron 4 app you will find full forecast center active radar. >>and you can get weather alerts sent straight to your device you can download the kron 4 app right now. >>tonight the contra costa health department says that it has finished its air monitoring near chevron's richmond refinery this after early morning flaring prompted evacuations there and as you can see here thick black smoke was visible from i 5 80 in the area. officials say it was first reported about 04:25am then a second flaring event was reported about 9 45 when the unit was being restarted.
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tonight contra costa health says there is no evidence of any health impacts to the community following this morning's incident. >>this afternoon bart launched its latest program to try to improve rider safety you may recall last month bart at a new police officers who patrol trains and stations will now ther are 10 new what they'r calling bart ambassadors as well yeah is hoping this extra presidents will deter crime from happening on the trains. of she joins us live outside lake merritt bart station now with details, how's it going. well. >>green in the game basically these new ambassadors are just another extra set of eyes out there and those that i spoke wih some writers that i spoke with say that they're really looking forward to seeing what type of impact they can make of the writers i spoke with say you know a lot of the issues they tend to have with bart is just a feeling of uncomfortable lydia sometimes as well as just a noticing
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that me of not great behaviors that you can see, but they're really hoping that these ambassadors will help now this is a pilot program, it's only going to happing for the next 6 months that's re evaluate and they plan to have 10 ambassadors patrolling the trains and platforms to see what kind of impact it can have onider safety each ambassador has worked previously in the park system and as community service officers and they've since been further trained on de escalation and antbias tactics part says they're equipped with a few tools which include pepper spray at narre can but otherwise ambassadors are unarmed. here's what one of those office e of those ambassadors had to say about their role and how one passenger felt after she learneabout the program. i think the fact that we'll be right in that raise it be more visible haven't high visibility on a train patrolling it kind of the escalating situation is where we don't necessarily have to call the police and just educate in give people
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resources that we have i think that's the best way they will be able to impact e community have seen like a few you know like i mentioned those. >>people with those issues has me times i think that's cook there's going to be some extra asures take ever say anything bad about how it's going to benefit from a lot. >>now starting today the ambassadors will patrol 7 days a week from 02:00pm until midnight in pairs they'll always be impairs the goal is to have them on the more heavily written trains. so essentially thcorridor where it will go from 12th street oakland to civic center. but they also say as night falls those investors will then start to ride until the end of the lines as well just to again increase got visibility for bart now they do say it's not just to deter crime obviously they want to make sure that they're helpful to riders in other ways too if they see someone having some sort of health issue they are trained to help in that type of situation as well as just
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geral help making sure folks know exactly where they're going where to get off that sort of thing again this is a pilot program they say they're doing it for 6 months they're going to ntinue to talk with writers to see how they feel these ambassadors are before they decide to go ahead and continue and make this a a set program but judge it starts today and you'll start seeing them 7 days a week for now live in oakland to know al bello kron 4 news all right well. >>watch the changes a bart starting today, the agency has new train schedules to try to help improve service some lines will see earlier trains others will start a little bit later other significant changes include adding trains to go into san francisco on there will be a new fleet of trains that will run on saturday as you can find a breakdown of all the changes on our website kron 4 do com. coming up nasa shows offsome of its equipment here in the bay area how it's planning to usthese tools to get astronauts back to the moon by
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2024 and an update on the equifax hack that impacted millions of americans. >>good the justice department says is behind one of the biggest acts in us history plus we're counting down to the new hampshire primary w democratic candidates are spending their last hours before the vote. if you want to skip the commercials and get more news during the break make sure your streaming us on fighting climate change isn't just about polar bears. we're fighting for our lives, we're fighting for clean air and clean water. that's why i wrote the law to send billions from pluters to communities suffering the most. and only one candidate for president was with us back then, tom steyer. and he's still fighting for us, pledging to make clean air and clean water a right for everyone, regardless of your z code. that's the truth. that's tom steyer. i'm m steyer and i appro this message.
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economicly powerfully influenced my vaes. bernie sanders
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he's fighting to raise wages. and guarantee health care for all. now, our country is at a turning point. hard working people, beayed by trump, struggling to survive. in this moment, we need a fighter. bernie sanders. we know he'll fight for us as president because he always has. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message.
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>>happening tomorrow, the new right now we're just hours away from that starting and the race for the democratic presidential nomination. it seems quite tight, you know does it ever the iowa caucuses, still aren't officially decided with the sanders and buttigieg campaign is now asking for a recanvass and parts of that state. that's after a review of the vote showed them with just a spread of about 1.1%. tonight democratic candidates are making their last ditch effort across new hampshire and opening nelines of attacks on their rivals with former vice president biden going after pete buttigieg and sanders going after buttigieg is wealthy campaign donors. >>the whole city is a good guy is a grt mare the guess what he air because see candidates conferring with that donors. you all my we don't go to rich people's homes and get advice from millionaires and billionaires. >>on nday, the iowa
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democratic party release results that show buttigieg eaing 14 national delegates to sanders 12 today, both of the sanders and buttigieg campaigns. each filed a formal request with the state pay for a partial recanvass of precincts they believe were calculated incorrectly democrats aren't the only ones rallying supporters in new hampshire, both president trump and vice president pence just wrapped up their own rally there tonight. >>and tonight democratic candidate michael bloomberg unveiled his immigration plan if he's elected president our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavalexplains. >>as democratic presidential candidate, mike bloomberg rolls out his immigration plan cpaign officials say immigration has been focal point of clashes between california and the current ministration, the plan of mike bloomberg is one of unity respect and integrity which is something that we haven't seen in a very long time coming from the administration donald trump bloomberg's immigration plan rolls back several trump administration policies,
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including the current travel ban of immigrants from some muslm and african countries, the former mayor of new york says he'll hold funding for the wall at the southern border is typically that plan passed a pathway to tizenship for 11 million immigrants in this country. it would restore a the prisions are programs are free and dreamers are for those imigrants that benefit from firms such as tvs. >>and back on the blooerg also aims to address the immigration and naturalization backlog which is currently more than 1 million cases pendinghis plan also opens of citizenship opportunities for immigrants who start up businesses graduate with degrees in advance to stem fields and who are doctors and nurses more than a arter of california's population is foreign born e state has several lawsuits pending against the federal government on immigration policies, california now offers health care to undocumend immigrants under 26 and may soon offer it to immigrants seniors, some might say that california is a state to follow with california having
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an early and prominent voice in the primaries. bloomberg's campaign says it's putting a lot of focus in this state reporting in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>and the trump administration has announced it wants to give nasa a nearly $3 billion budget boosts next year in the goal to help the space agency return astronauts to the moon by 2024 today in mountain view, nasa showed off some of the equipment that will be used to try to make that happen kron four charles clifford was there. >>well right now i'm atasa ames here at moffett field in mountain view inn on monday morning. nasa gave us a tour of one of their wind tunnel facilities will be used to develop the next generation of nasa rockets this is the supersonic wind tunnel it's 9 feet by 7 feet and it has been used to test the new sls or space launch stem. these are rockets that will carry astronauts and equipment into space to the moon mars and possibly beyond the white house has released its 2021 budget proposal which includes a 12% increase in funding for
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nasa that translates into about 3 billion tra dollars. the director of nasa ames said today that that money will be key in keeping nasa's ambitious plans on schedule of this budget profile invest over billion in the first human landed systems for the moon since the apollo era. >>so it's it's really represents a commitment from from the administration into what nasa what they've asked nasa to do which is to return to the moon and then go on mars now today's demonstration is part of a nationwide state of nasa event. >>to showcase the work that the space agency is doing to prepare for future missions if all goes well men and women are scheduled to return to the moon in 2024. at nasa ames charles clifford kron 4 news it's time now for the 4 zone forecast for taking a live look outside from our suo cam. >>overlooking downtown san francisco boy week we had a big moon. last couple days, they'll move rights super bowl fast super moon over the
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weekend, yeah, the snow night all right. unfortunately no he has the short answer right rain does not look promising for a good part of this month, we're right in the heart of our wet season. so we've got to temperatures, they looked incredibltoday, some of the highs soaring again into the mid 70's. tell you what we're likely going to be back there again tomorrow outside you've got clear skies over alcatraz in san francisco. in fact the entire bay area high pressure overhead you know words kind of interesting we missed the storm system that went all the way down to southern california. they actually had some rain in los angeles and you still see some down to san diego moving in the ball that was a system that also caused all the winds. the between this big ridge of high pressure and that are of low pressure is when through really got things gusty outside still seeing some of the winds out there right now most the heavier winds are in the north and that will be the can find overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning 70 miles per hour right now in sonoma 15 in napa 15 in nevada gusting even stronger over some of the mountain tops or
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30 mile an hour gusts there right now tonight skies, stay most clear still windy to north and then plenty of sunshine, those winds will calm down and mild to warm temperatures all around the bay area. well unfortunately, high now very strong in dominating and we'll take care of us all week long with mostly sunny and dry weather. how about 72 degrees in palo alto right now 72 in redwood city 71 in concord 75 and lay on santa rosa, even 76 degrees in cloverdale right now no rain in sight. banks are still ahead amazon is going after president trump live company sa they want. >>in to testify over a $10 billion pentagon contract. >>and shots fired at an >>and shots fired at an arkansas z3r07z z1ncz
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y3r07y y1ncy
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tis better than the criminal in democrathe white house.esident we all have progressive plans to address the big challenges facing our country. what makes me different, is i've been working for ten years outside of washington, to end the corporate takeover of our democracy, and to return power to the american people. i started need to impeach ato hold this lawless president amaccountable.e. i'm proposing big reforms like term limits... ...a national referendum... ...and ending corporate money in politics. as president, i'll dlare clime change an emergency on day 1. and, use those powers to finally address the climate crisis. and, i've spent 30 years building a successful international business.
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so, i can take on donald trump on the economy - and beat him. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message - because there is nothing more powerful an the unified voice of the american people. officers in forrest city arkansas were injured in a shooting. >>inside a walmart store authoritiesay a man at the store near the tennessee border was making thres threatening to blow up the store police were called. >>and when they approached him. they say this man started shooting one officer was taken to a local hospital the other airlifted to memphis to that we know the officer taken to the local hospital has been released. and the one in memphis is now recovering from surgery. authorities say the suspect was shot and killed. >>i mean it's scary waking mere miles on a beyond she shot or not this is higher than the lady i was just right
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the writers are sent out today. >>terrifying indeed, the arkansas state police criminal division is now working with the 4 city police to investigate the shooting. >>tonight amazon wants president trump to testify in a battle er a billion pentagon cloud contract. according to a court filing unsealed today. amazon has asked a federal court for permission to deposetrump and the defense secretary mark esper it's part of an ongoing protest over the efense department's handling of a multi billion dollar cloud computing contract known as the joint enterprise defense infrastructure. in a statement am at all times on says in part president trump ha repeatedly demonstrated his willingness to use his position as president and commander-in-chief to interfere with government functions, including federal procurements to advance his personal agenda. and the department of justice believes that 4 members of the chinese military were behind one of
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the largest tax in us history that a 2017 breach affecting millions of amicans darryl forges reports. >>the scale of the theft was staggering staggering and one of the largest on record. according to attorneys general williabarr a federal grand jury charged 4 people in the data breach at equifax the credit reporting agency the hackers obtained the names birth dates and social security numbers of nearly a 150 million amecans the department of justice says the hackers are members of the chinese people's liberation my. attneys general barr says it's unusual for the us to arge members of another country's military or intelligence service equifax released a statement on the issue saying in part. the attack on equifax was an attack on us consumers as well as united states cybercrime is one of the greatest threats facing our nation today. and it is an ongoing battle that every company will continue to face as attackers grow more sophisticateequifax disclosed the hack in
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september of 2017 but had discovered the breach 3 months earlier. the data breach and how the company handled it prably the resignation of ceo richard smith, and a number of civil lawsuits. equifax says is spending over a billion llars to enhance security and technology to protect consumer data. i'm darryl forges reporting. keep your personal info protected can start at home to protect your computer. the fbi says keep your fire wall turned on. >>install or update anti-virus software, an anti spyware technology end turn your computer off when yo're not using it. >>next at 5.30 valentine's day is just a few days awaybut a lot of americans are already spending cash on their loved ones ho much millennials alone are projected to shell out. >>and has faci recognition gone too far we will take a look at why new startups technology is alarming users ded we're tracking a series of
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tom: my mom always told me
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actions speak louder than words.


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